The Essencial Series / Série Essencial

Essencial Knives started with the desire of knifemaker Ivan Campos – a full time knifemaker with almost two decades of experience and whose specialty is to create kitchen knives –  to offer a series of knives that were high quality working tools made with the same high standards of his custom knives and yet availabile in a timely manner and with an affordable price to meet the demand of professional cooks. In the maker´s words: “It was never about cranking out millions of knives, but increasing my current production to suit the needs of professional users that didn´t want to wait  several months for their knives to get ready nor pay the higher prices of a full custom knife”.

In the beginning, Essencial Knives were limited editions released almost yearly but, on its fifth edition, they finally become a permanent line, got several more models and options added to it and gained an identity of their own.

And what differs Essencial Knives from Ivan´s custom creations? As a means of speeding production, these knives are “closed packages”, with no optons or personalisation availabile besides the ones offered in the catalog, and they may have some operations done by other companies or artisans. Performancewise, they are every bit as good and crafted with the same care and atention he dedicates to all his criations.

Designwise, they follow Ivan´s style, that is heavily inspired on the Japanese kitchen knives, althought not compromised with making just copies or following strict traditions. As he explains it, “the Japanese kitchen knives join an objective, purpose- built design where form strictly follows function, a rustic look that clearly shows that they are first and foremost tools made to be used and an unique, unmistakably elegant look” and these characteristics are all present in the Essencial Knives, that are availabile in three different levels:

  • The Standard Line, that has 1070 steel laser cut blanks. This is our entry level line and yet will surpass most production knives in sturdiness and edge wear;
  • The Professional Line, with blades entirelly handcrafted from high quality imported 52100 steel, an extremelly abrasion resistant material that, properly heat treated, will have a very long lasting edge,  that was created to meet the needs of the most demanding professional cooks;
  • The Damascus line, made from this unique material and perfect for presentation-grade knives, that besides looking great, are also fully capable of everyday work;

All these blades are heat treated by Ivan on an electric oven in his shop to exacting standards, straightened and ground (and, in case of the damascus blades, polished and etched). Once these operations are finished, they get their handles – that may be of a variety of woods or Celeron (a brown colored synthetic material) but aways have a metal collar at1 the blade end that is not only a decoration – it works as a reinforcement of the handle and even in the unlikely event of a crack show up in the wood, will keep the handle togheter and still usable.

From this point, the knives will be sharpened, signed and then receive the last final touches – and are now ready to start their careers in some lucky owners’ kitchen!

To order or if you have any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail at or phone/whatsapp at 55-15-997120993.

And, of course, if you prefer a full custom knife, just contact Ivan to see